– M&T Bank Checking Account $150 Cash Bonus

M&T Bank Checking Account $150 Cash Bonus:

M&T Bank customers or perspective customers who do not have a checking account with M&T Bank can sign up for a new account deal which would provide a $150 new account bonus when the requirements for the bonus are fulfilled (more on this in just a second).  A checking account with M&T Bank provides a number of features that customers typically expect from a quality account such as the ability to manage your account online, bill payment options, direct deposit features for paychecks, and a debit card which is linked to your account.  Unlike a savings account, checking accounts are linked to check and debit card which allow customers to spend the funds they have available in their account more easily.  Savings accounts are typically used to hold funds which will not be required to quick access to capital.

What Do Consumers Need To Know About The M&T Bank Checking Account and Account Bonus:

  • Customers may be eligible for a $150 cash bonus paid to their account when they meet the qualifying direct deposit – $500 in direct deposits must be made in the first 90 days of your new account in order to receive the bonus
  • M&T Bank maintenance fees can be waived a variety of ways including making a purchase using your account each month, make an ATM withdrawal, pay a bill with your online account, or make a check deposit
  • Once your new account is active you can register for your online banking account which will provide you with your balance information and your recent checking account transactions

For consumers who are looking to open any new account (checking, savings, investment, credit etc) it is wise to look around to see what account will best support the needs you have but it is always smart to look to see if there are any additional incentives.  Sometimes consumers can find great deals when beginning business with a new financial institution.  The current M&T Bank promotional checking account deal runs through March 30th, 2018 however consumers can check back to see if new promotions are available through M&T beyond that date.